American Tanks, Lv1Edit

M1A1 Abrams
Hull Tracks Engine Turret
Armor 300 Armor 250 Armor 125 Armor 200
Durability 3 Durability 3 Durability 3 Durability 3
Computer NEWB-100 Mobility 3 Power 2000 Accuracy +5
Controls NEWB-100 Agility 0 Recharge 75 Weapon 1 120mm Cannon
Accessory 1 None Stability 50 Weapon 2 M2HB Machinegun
Accessory 2 None Weapon 3 M240 Machinegun
Accessory 3 None Weapon 4 None
Special None Special None Special None Special Auto-Reload

M1A1 Abrams Weapons
Name 120mm Cannon Name M2HB Machinegun Name M240 Machinegun Name None
Slot Weapon 1 Slot Weapon 2 Slot Weapon 3 Slot Weapon 4
Category Cannon Category Machinegun Category Machinegun Category N/A
Range 6 Range 4 Range 4 Range N/A
Damage 2d20+120*2 Damage 2d10+50*2 Damage 1 Damage N/A
Type P/I/F Type Piercing Type Piercing Type N/A
Cycle 1x1 Cycle 1x10 Cycle 1x5 Cycle N/A
Magazine 1rd, 29 Magazine 200rds, x4 Magazine 200rds, x0 Magazine N/A
Power Use 100 Power Use 75 Power Use 25 Power Use N/A
Special None Special None Special Small Arm Special N/A

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