Battlewalker Registration FormEdit


  • Name: Shadow
  • Chassis: TG-85 Shinobi(Custom)
  • Color: Black
  • Markings:
    • Badge of a Heraldric black dragon, white-outlined on each shoulder
    • Gold trim lines
      • Sides of each forearm
      • Edging the shoulder plates
      • Edging the footpads
    • Bright red, glowing 'eyes' where the optical sensors are
  • Class: Light
  • Weight: 75t
  • Height: 5.65m

Body and EquipmentEdit

Torso Left Arm Right Arm Legs
Name Rapier 4AC Name TG-85 Shinobi Name TG-85 Shinobi Name TG-85 Shinobi
Weight 20t Weight 5t Weight 5t Weight 20t
Armor 310 Armor 110 Armor 110 Armor 175
Durability 3 Durability 3 Durability 3 Durability 3
Upper Body Capacity 35t Arm Capacity 5t Arm Capacity 5t Capacity 65t
Computer NEWB-100 Accuracy 10% Accuracy 10% Agility 20%
Controls NEWB-100 Shoulder Slot None Shoulder Slot None Mobility 7
Backpack M104 Catapult Wrist Mount Slot None Wrist Mount Slot None Jump 2
Accessory 1 None Hand Slot 'Oni' Katana Hand Slot ('Oni' Katana) Stability 5
Accessory 2 None Special None Special None Holsters 2M, 2R
Accessory 3 None Special None
Special None

Secondary Equipment
Computer Controls Backpack
Name SKL-040 Name Kunoichi MkIV Name M104 Catapult
ECM Resist 0 Accuracy -10% Weight 15t
Skill Slots 6x1 Agility +5% Type Mobility
Special None Special None Item Capacity 2x2
Move 12
Jump 4
Activate Cost 4AP

Left Hand Right Hand Left Wrist Right Wrist Left Shoulder Right Shoulder
Name 'Oni' Katana Name ('Oni' Katana)
Weight 5t
Slot Two-Hand Slot Two-Hand
Category Melee
Range 1
Damage 2d8+50*2
Type Piercing
Cycle 1x1
Magazine --
Special Can be wielded in
two hands.
50% raw bonus
added if wielded
in two hands.

Melee Melee Ranged Ranged
Name MP21
Sub-Machine Gun
Weight 5t
Slot One-Hand
Category Machine Gun
Sub-Machine Gun
Range 5
Damage 2d6+20*1
Type Piercing
Cycle 5B: 1x5 T9
FA: 1x10 T5
--(-5 ACC)
Magazine 50rd, x2
Special None

Optional Equipment
Accessory Accessory Accessory
Name Blank Name Blank Name Blank
Special 1 Blank Special 1 Blank Special 1 Blank
Special 2 Blank Special 2 Blank Special 2 Blank
Special 3 Blank Special 3 Blank Special 3 Blank

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