Secondary systems are cockpit computers and controls, both necessary to piloting a walker. A walker cannot run if it does not have a computer, or a control system. Most control systems add to accuracy and agility, while most computers have space for battle abilities to be equipped, and have capabilities to resist ECM attacks.


Lv1 Computers
NEWB-100 SKL-040 M140 BOP
Price C$100,000 Price C$450,000 Price C$360,000
ECM Resist +10 ECM Resist +0 ECM Resist +20
Skill Slots 4 Skill Slots 6 Skill Slots 3
Special None Special None Special None

Control SystemsEdit

Lv1 Control Systems
NEWB-100 Marksman 100 Kunoichi MkIV
Price C$100,000 Price C$500,000 Price C$500,000
Accuracy +0 Accuracy +5 Accuracy -10
Agility +0 Agility -10 Agility +5
Special None Special None Special None

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