M302 Dragon
Hull Drop Bay Engines FCS Comms. Reactor
Armor 25,000 Armor 12,000 Armor 20,000 Armor 14,500 Armor 10,000 Armor 10,000
Durability 30 Durability 30 Durability 30 Durability 5 Durability 5 Durabilty 3
Computer ACX-04 Hypercore Cargo 85,000t Agility 0% Accuracy 45%/-20% Time For Backup 3 rd Power 300,000
Controls NEWB-100 Repair 2d4+200*1 Mobility 3 Weapon 1 14" Main Cannon ECM Resist +300 Recharge 5,000
Accessory 1 None Repair Range 1x2 Ascent 3 Weapon 2 10" Bombard Warfare 1 RD-083 Chaff
Accessory 2 None Stability 300 Weapon 3 MkXIX Missile Tube Warfare 2 MkVI Smokescreen
Accessory 3 None Weapon 4 45mm Auto Support 1 LAS-9 Artisan
Support 2 SMS-44
Special None Special None Special None Special None Special None Special None

Weapon Systems
Name 14" Cannon Name 10" Bombard Name MkXIX Missile Tubes Name 45mm Auto
Slot Weapon 1 Slot Weapon 2 Slot Weapon 3 Slot Weapon 4
Category Cannon Category Cannon Category Missile Category Machine Gun
Range 20 Range 16 Range 5-30 Range 8
Damage 1d100+600*2 Damage 1d100+400*2 Damage 2d20+50*2 Damage 1d10+50*1
Type P/I/F Type P/I/F Type F Type P
Cycle 1x2, T10 Cycle 1x2, T10 Cycle 1x6, T5 Cycle 1x10, T5
Magazine 2rd, inf Magazine 2rd, inf Magazine 18rd, inf Magazine inf
Power Use 12,000 Power Use 10,500 Power Use 12,000 Power Use N/A
Special No-Target:
Special AoE 2 Special Precise
Targeting 6
Lock-On Delay 1
Long Reload 5
Special Acc -10

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