Battlewalker Registration FormEdit


  • Name: Grim
  • Chassis: Custom
  • Color: Black
  • Markings: None
  • Class: Medium
  • Weight: 186t
  • Height: 14m

Body and EquipmentEdit

Torso Left Arm Right Arm Legs
Name Zenislev Name Kyojun Mk107 Name Kyojun Mk107 Name M2 Kasel
Weight 66t Weight 24t Weight 24t Weight 73t
Armor 702 Armor 287 Armor 287 Armor 638
Durability 3 Durability 3 Durability 3 Durability 3
Upper Body Capacity 75t Arm Capacity 12t Arm Capacity 12t Capacity 200t
Computer Newb-100 Accuracy 10% Accuracy 10% Agility 15%
Controls Newb-100 Shoulder Slot None Shoulder Slot None Mobility 5
Backpack M104 Catapult Wrist Mount Slot None Wrist Mount Slot None Jump 1
Accessory 1 None Hand Slot Gau-9 Vindicator Hand Slot Gau-9 Vindicator Stability 28
Accessory 2 None Special +5 Machinegun Special +5 Machine Gun Holsters 2M, 1R
Accessory 3 None Special None
Upgrades Tungsten (2) Upgrades Tungsten (1)
Accuracy (2)
Upgrades Tungsten (1)
Accuracy (2)
Upgrades Tungsten (1)
Agility (2)

Secondary Equipment
Computer Controls Backpack
Name NEWB-100 Name NEWB-100 Name M104 Catapult
ECM Resist -- Accuracy -- Weight 15t
Skill Slots 4x1 Agility -- Item Capacity 2x2
Move 12
Jump 4
AP Cost 4

~Zoom 1

Special Blank Special

-ArmPatch-200 (2)

Holstered Holstered Left Wrist Right Wrist Holstered (Not Used) Left & Right Hands
Name Bone Buster Name UMP-265 Sub Machine Gun Name None Name None Name Mp21 Machine Gun Name Gau-9 Vindicator
Weight 1t Weight 6t Weight None Weight None Weight 5t Weight 21t
Slot One-H Slot One-Hand Slot None Slot None Slot One-Hand Slot Two-Hand
Category Knuckle Category Machine Gun Category None Category None Category SMG Category Heavy Machine Gun
Range 1 Range 5 Range None Range None Range 5 Range 8
Damage 2d12+60*2 Damage 2d6+30*1 Damage None Damage None Damage 2d6+20*2 Damage 2d10+40*1
Type Piercing Type Piercing Type None Type None Type Piercing Type Piercing
Cycle 1x1 Cycle

3B: 1x3 T8

FA: 1x10 (-5 Acc)

Cycle None Cycle None Cycle 5B: 1x5 9T
FA: 1X10 5t (-5 ACC)
Cycle 1x20
Magazine None Magazine 30 rd, x2 Magazine None Magazine None Magazine 50 Rounds, x2 Magazine 200rd, x2
Special None Special None Special None Special None Special None Special None

Optional Equipment
Accessory Accessory Accessory
Name None Name None Name None
Special 1 None Special 1 None Special 1 None
Special 2 None Special 2 None Special 2 None
Special 3 None Special 3 None Special 3 None

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